Fall seasonal buoy tending activites graphical summary for sector Great Lakes

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Beauharnois Lock to Sarnia
Completed Not completed
1 0
Sectors Progress
Beauharnois Canal - Seaway (PR-01)100%
Lake St Francis - Seaway (PR-02)100%
Lake St Francis (Small Commercial/Recreational) (PR-03)100%
Lake St Lawrence - Seaway (PR-04)100%
Lake St Lawrence (Small Commercial / Recreational) (PR-05)100%
St Lawrence River - Seaway (PR-06)100%
Prescott to Kingston (PR-07)100%
Canadian Middle Channel/ Bateau Channel (PR-08)100%
Kingston (PR-09A)100%
Bay of Quinte (Small Commercial / Recreational) (PR-10)100%
Lake Ontario U.S Buoys (PR-11)100%
Welland Canal - Seaway (PR-13)100%
Western Lake Erie - Commercial (PR-15)100%
Lake Erie (Small Commercial/Recreational) (PR-16A)100%
Lake Erie (Small Commercial/Recreational) (PR-16B)100%
Detroit River - Commercial (PR-17A)100%
Detroit River - Commercial (PR-17B)100%
Detroit River - Commercial (PR-17C)100%
Detroit River - Peche Island (PR-19)100%
Lake St.Clair (PR-20)100%
St. Clair River (Small Commercial / Recreational) (PR-21A)100%
St. Clair River Commercial (PR-21B)100%
Ottawa River (Britannia Section) (PR-22)100%
Ottawa River - Pembroke Secton (PR-27)100%

Sarnia to Thunder Bay
Completed Not completed
1 0
Sectors Progress
Lake Huron - Commercial (PS-01)100%
Lake Huron - Goderich (PS-01b)100%
Parry Sound Channel - Commercial (PS-02)100%
Parry Sound Channel - Inner Harbour (PS-02A)100%
Southern Georgian Bay - Commercial (PS-03)100%
Meaford Firing Range - CYD 501 (PS-04)100%
Midland Channel (PS-05)100%
Byng Inlet (PS-06)100%
Northern Georgian Bay (PS-07)100%
North Channel (PS-08A)100%
North Channel (PS-08B)100%
North Channel (PS-08C)100%
St. Mary's River (PS-09B)100%
Thunder Bay (PS-11a)100%
Thunder Bay (PS-11B)100%
Georgian Bay Small Craft - Port Severn to Parry Sound (PS-13)100%
Georgian Bay Small Craft - Parry Sound to Byng (PS-14)100%
Lake of Bays (PS-16)100%
Lake Muskoka (PS-17)100%
Lake Rosseau (PS-18)100%
Lake Joseph (PS-19)100%
Lake Nipissing (PS-20)100%
Lake of the Woods (PS-21)100%

Weather Buoy
Completed Not completed
1 0
Sectors Progress
Lake Ontario Prince Edward Point "45135" Weather Buoy (EC-01)100%
Lake Ontario U.S. NOAA "45012" Weather Buoy (EC-02)100%
Lake Ontario West (Ajax) "45159" Weather Buoy (EC-03)100%
Lake Ontario Grimsby "45139" Weather Buoy (EC-05)100%
Lake Erie "Port Colborne 45142" Weather Buoy (EC-06)100%
Lake Erie "Port Stanley "45132" Weather Buoy (EC-07)100%
Lake St. Clair "ODAS 45147" Weather Buoy (EC-08)100%
Lake Huron "ODAS 45149" Weather Buoy (EC-09)100%
Georgian Bay South "ODAS 45143" Weather Buoy (EC-10)100%
Georgian Bay North "ODAS 45137" Weather Buoy (EC-11)100%
North Channel "ODAS 45154" Weather Buoy (EC-12)100%
Lake Superior "Slate Islands ODAS 45136" Weather Buoy (EC-13)100%
Lake Nipissing"ODAS 45152" Weather Buoy (EC-14)100%
Lake of the Woods "ODAS 45148" Weather Buoy (EC-15)100%
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